My New Project

So, I’m a stay at home mom now. Not forever, not for very long (hopefully), but all signs point to the fact that I am a SAHM. I mean… I have a fucking blog. Also, what a weird acronym. SAHM – Stay At Home Mom. I used to think it stood for Such A Hot Mess. Or something weirdly sexual. Nope.

I’ve already accomplished some stuff that I set out to do during this time and it’s only been two weeks! I always wanted to be the mom that woke up and played poker in her pajamas all day with her kids. That’s me now! Other parents are frantically trying to get their kids ready for a COVID and post-COVID learning environment. They want their kids to be well equipped emotionally and intellectually for this new phase of their life. My kids can play 14 (fourteen!!!) variations of poker. They garden. They watch almost no tv, although I am hoping to change that with my next project.

I have a variety of home improvement projects that I will be working on over the next couple of months. Pouring and staining concrete in our backyard, painting the exterior, putting in baseboards and door trim, not killing all of the plant babies, etc. But I also have a couple of… intellectual projects that I am excited about as well.

Part of my educational background is research. I conducted all original research (including searching through archives) and wrote a thesis on what I found. I decided to apply the principles of research to some cultural phenomena that I find fascinating. I find them fascinating because I don’t understand them. The first one I found myself drawn to is Nic Cage. You heard me right. Nic FUCKING Cage. I don’t get it. I really honestly don’t. I feel like every movie I’ve ever seen him in has been awful, with his acting skills being the main culprit. And yet… people love him. They go apeshit for him. I must be missing something, right?

I will be the first to admit that I haven’t seen very many of his films. I tend to avoid his movies because they are usually absurdly premised and annoying to my sensibilities. When planning out how to go about watching all of his movies, I realized I needed a structure where I could compare movies. A bracket! A bracket of 103 different movies. I seeded them based on their Rotten Tomatoes rankings, but I’m not looking at the overall best movie… I’m looking at Nic Cage’s performance specifically, so I expect there to be some major upsets which is kind of exciting. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be periodically updating this blog with results from the bracket!

As with most things, I am hoping to gain insight and better understanding in my own life. Through Nic Cage movies. Fingers crossed.

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I have zero follow thru (through? Jesus. Already I don't know shit). I'm fat. I swear a lot (too much). I'm a mom that tries really hard, but is still pretty bad at being a mom... actually that's not a bad descriptor for me for everything - "Tries really hard, but is still pretty bad at things". I apologize too much. Sorry. <--- that wasn't even a joke.

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