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Dude. These zen nature pictures are the best.

My New Project

So, I’m a stay at home mom now. Not forever, not for very long (hopefully), but all signs point to the fact that I am a SAHM. I mean… I have a fucking blog. Also, what a weird acronym. SAHM – Stay At Home Mom. I used to think it stood for Such A Hot…


Why would YOU write a blog? They say it just like that… Why… You? Sorry – it’s a reference to Community. Senor Chang is… brilliant. But seriously, why a blog? My daughter didn’t come home last night and she “forgot” to text me (although, to her credit she texted her dad). She is 18 years…

Welcome to the Shit Show!

Sorry, I know… I swear too much. My mom tells me this all the time. I also apologize too much (thus me starting this blog off with “sorry”). I would call this my health journey/life style blog but I can’t call it that without feeling a deep and lasting sense of shame. So what will…

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