Welcome to the Shit Show!

Sorry, I know… I swear too much. My mom tells me this all the time. I also apologize too much (thus me starting this blog off with “sorry”). I would call this my health journey/life style blog but I can’t call it that without feeling a deep and lasting sense of shame. So what will I call this? The Shit Show. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, step right up and get your tickets to the largest train wreck in town! I have zero follow through (thru? what is happening with words!?), so it’ll be interesting to see if this blog goes anywhere at all. It’s my attempt to help myself with follow thru (I should just google that shit, but I’m laaaazzzzzyyy). I am trying to lose weight. I am trying to be a better mom. I’m trying to find a job that I actually want to do. I’m trying to be a better friend, a better colleague, a better wife. I am trying very hard at life and also trying to not be TOO earnest about it. I’m openminded (I just bought a tarot reading off of Etsy, ooh la la), but I don’t like bullshit (I legit just bought a tarot reading off of Etsy, so the bar is PRETTY low). Basically, that’s it. I just want to be the perfect person. Not hard. Expectations not set too high. There’s no way I can fail at becoming the perfect person. LOL.

Anyway, today I ran two miles (yay!) and it took me thirty minutes (boo…), I did my butt exercises (long story, I have a hip problem and need to work my literal ass out), and I didn’t eat anything rotten. Not a bad start. I’m starting back on my keto diet, because I think it reduced my anxiety pretty significantly (to be clear, I do not have bad anxiety) and made me stop grinding my teeth. I’m not a huge proponent of much – just trying things that might work.

Published by NatWilcoxen

I have zero follow thru (through? Jesus. Already I don't know shit). I'm fat. I swear a lot (too much). I'm a mom that tries really hard, but is still pretty bad at being a mom... actually that's not a bad descriptor for me for everything - "Tries really hard, but is still pretty bad at things". I apologize too much. Sorry. <--- that wasn't even a joke.

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